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Many Californians understand the importance of treating a bed bug infestation immediately, but what they don’t know are the treatment options. Hiring a professional gives you access to a range of methods ensuring you find the most effective treatment for your situation.

If you are currently having an issue with bed bugs, here are three effective ways to treat the infestation:

Heat Treatment

One very effective method for treating bed bugs is heat treatment. This involves raising your heat high enough to kill all the bed bugs. Pest Control professionals will use specialized equipment to increase the temperature of your home to around 141-degrees Fahrenheit. Heat treatment kills both adult and juvenile bed bugs along with bed bug eggs.

Heat treatment is eco-friendly and can eliminate bugs within a 3,000-square-foot space making this method best for residential apartments and many homes. 

Steam Treatment 

Another treatment that involves heat is steam treatment. This method is a focused-based treatment where steam is applied to an individual piece of furniture which bed bugs have taken up shop.

Steam treatment is primarily effective if you only have a small infestation of bed bugs and don’t need your entire home treated. Steam treatment is also a popular eco-friendly solution.

Chemical Treatment 

If you have a larger space to de-bug, then chemical treatment is an effective option. For those concerned about releasing chemicals into your home, do not worry. Various bed bug-killing chemicals exist. No matter which chemical you use to treat your infestation, a chemical treatment should always be done by a licensed professional. 

Vikane is one of the most common chemical insecticides to use. This anti-termite fumigant is an odorless and colorless gas that does not stain furniture or household surfaces. No offensive odors are left behind post-fumigation.

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