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There is a certain four-letter F-word that no one wants to hear in their house. Fleas…we’re talking about fleas. Once fleas have been discovered in your house, you have to find out how they got there and make sure you kick them out as soon as possible. Then, you have to lay the groundwork to make sure they never come back.

If you find these unwanted guests in your home, don’t worry! There are some steps you can take to kick them out.

Tip #1: Sprinkle Boric Acid On Everything

One of the best tried-and-true methods of getting rid of fleas is to put boric acid down all throughout your house. This chemical compound dehydrates fleas that come into contact with it, shriveling them up into little mummified versions of themselves. It’s cheap, relatively harmless, and once you’ve sprinkled it all throughout your home, it can be vacuumed up with no extra fuss. Speaking of vacuuming…

Tip #2: Clean Everything

This should technically be the first thing you do, but it can be a chore. Fleas will hide absolutely anywhere in your house, so there is no nook or cranny that should be considered safe. Vacuum every carpet and couch, and make sure you get all the crevices along the floorboards. Give your pets flea baths, wash your laundry, and then wash anything that was technically clean but within reach of the fleas. If you’re lucky, a carpet-bombing of cleanliness can take care of the problem before it gets serious.

Tip #3: Bomb Your Home

Once everything is cleaned, clear out your house and set off a bug bomb. Make sure you bring your pets with you, and be sure they’ve been treated to kill any fleas that might try to get on them again. Set off the bug bombs as instructed, and make sure you have a chance to go through your home before letting the kids or the pets back in. Make sure food bowls and water dishes are cleaned thoroughly, and kept someplace where the insecticide won’t reach them. The same goes for any food you might have out, such as in a fruit bowl.

Combating fleas isn’t easy. If you find you can’t stamp out the infestation on your own, simply contact us today!

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