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Any pest control technician will tell you that the first and best step to battling termites is to not get them in your yard in the first place. There are a lot of houses out there, and you don’t want to make yours a target. Once they do target it, battling termites can be serious and expensive. Here are four things you might be doing to make your yard a potential target.

Wood Piles Near Your Home

Wood piles are necessary if you have a fireplace or even if you just like having outdoor fires. However, you want to keep your wood pile as far from your home as possible. While it may not be the easiest to access, keeping the wood pile far away will keep visiting termites far away too. Furthermore, wood not pressed up against your home allows it more room to breathe so it doesn’t end up rotting, which can attract other damaging insects.

Dirty Gutters

Like most insects, termites are not only attracted to wood, but they need to live somewhere near moisture. If you have clogged gutters or standing water, then this can make your home a more viable target to the pests since they will prefer to nest near water.


Like a wood pile, excess wood like old stumps are a good target for termites. While the stump may not be near your home, it is something unnecessary that serves as a target for this pest.


Used in many landscaping designs, mulch is chips of wood. While they are treated, old mulch can still be potential food for termites. If you live in an area of high termite activity, it is better to landscape with stone or even rubber faux-mulch. If you do have mulch landscaping, it needs to be diligently monitored for signs of termite activity.

Have you noticed signs of termites in your yard? Termites are a highly destructive pest that can cause thousands of dollar of home damage. As such, that is not something you want to ignore. Contact us today to see what Pest Solutions Termite & Pest Control can do to help.

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