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Termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare, but they don’t have to be a death sentence for your property. By taking advantage of these insects’ natural preferences and habits, it’s actually possible to prevent your home from playing host to an infestation. Here are five critical tips to get you started.

1. Keep Things Dry

Like many nuisance species, termites require moisture to survive and reproduce. Merely keeping water away can make your home less appealing to foragers.

Check beneath sinks, around piping that enters your building and next to air conditioners, handlers and ducts. These areas are common sources of condensation that might attract termites and a whole host of other pests.

2. Install Barriers

Termites can’t burrow through everything. You can choose from a variety of barrier materials that make it harder for these insects to access the outer perimeter of your home.

Some barriers feature stainless steel mesh that termites can’t pass through. Others are as simple as layers of sand and rock particles that these insects lack the strength to move.

Plastics are commonly employed around entry points, such as piping, and they may be combined with concrete and other permanent materials. Barrier measures can be supplemented with pesticides, but with appropriate management, most people don’t have to go that far.

3. Control Your Vegetation

Fallen trees, branches and old stumps serve as food sources that termites love. When combined with dead vegetation and debris, these items may become ideal wet habitats for colonies that eventually venture inside your home. A little bit of proactive landscaping goes a long way, so you ought to clean your yard often.

4. Give Your Building More Space

Places where wood and other consumable building materials contact the ground serve as easy access points for pests. Simple actions like pouring concrete around deck footers or installing barriers around the lowermost sections of wooden siding may be effective ways to stop termites from making the jump into your home.

5. Talk to an Expert

Finally, remember that each property is unique. What works for your neighbor may fall short in your yard, so calling an experienced North Orange and Los Angeles County pest control service is the first step to devising a solution that works. To learn more, reach out to Pest Solutions online, or call 888.904.8897 for your free estimate today.

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