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Gardening can be a wonderful and relaxing hobby, until you encounter a pest problem. Deer, rabbits, and insects can quickly ruin a beautiful garden. While it may be tempting to use dangerous chemicals and pesticides to solve the problem, consider trying the following all-natural solutions from Pest Solutions Termite & Pest Control for a safer, more humane alternative.

Attract Beneficial Predators


Sounds counterintuitive but hear us out. Depending on where you live, it may be feasible to attract natural predators to deter pests.

Nesting boxes can be used to attract owls, while tall, open perches make for an attractive hunting ground for hawks. A few strategically placed flowers will attract beneficial insects that feed on many pest species, allowing you to cultivate a garden without resorting to harmful pesticides.

Create a Barrier


For many pests, such as rabbits and deer, a wire fence may be the best way to keep them out of your garden, while burrowing animals can be discouraged with raised beds for your plants. If a fence isn’t an option, or if you’d prefer something less unsightly, consider planting deterrent species such as daisies, echinacea, or thorny shrubs.


Set Live Traps


Using baited traps is a humane, non-lethal way to deal with smaller pest animals. Simply bait the trap with plants that the pests have been targeting and wait for them to get curious. Check the traps two to three times daily, and once you’ve caught something, set the animal free several miles away from your property to ensure that they don’t find their way back.


Use Natural Repellents


There are many non-toxic, all-natural alternatives to pesticides and chemical repellent sprays. For rodents such as rabbits, mice, and squirrels, adding chili powder or hot sauce to the dirt around your garden is often enough to keep them at bay.

If that doesn’t work, it is possible to purchase bottled fox urine that will make any pest think twice about nibbling from your plants. If deer are the problem, consider using fertilizer made with fermented salmon, or spraying plants with a mixture of beef bouillon and water.

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