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When you own a property that you have turned into a full-time rental, you should do everything you can to maximize occupancy. Dealing with annual vacancies will lead to missing out on potential income because you will have inevitable gaps between your tenants. Although you will not be able to eliminate these gaps altogether, you can make an effort to minimize them. Investing in routine termite service is a great way to accomplish this goal.


The first service that you will want to get from professionals is routine inspections. Although you may feel confident in your tenants to maintain your property, there are many variables that can lead to a colony of termites getting into the yard and making it all the way to your house. Each inspection will help you determine whether you have a termite problem that must be resolved.


Once you have established that termites are not present on your property, you can begin taking preventive measures. Termite professionals will look at your rental to determine the weak spots and to help with adjusting how the backyard is laid out to avoid attracting termites.

Since your tenants will have the freedom to store items in the yard and near the home, you should rely on inspections to provide them with information that can keep termites away. For instance, if your tenant has firewood on the ground, a termite expert will suggest moving it away.


The final reason that you will want to get termite service is when you need to exterminate these pests. By investing in inspections and preventive measures, you should be able to keep this from happening. But, you also want to take immediate action when you notice there is a problem.

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