The Advantages of Professional Commercial Pest Control Services

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As a business owner, you want to welcome as many people as possible through your doors. However, you don’t want them to fly or crawl their way inside.  Pests can be a nuisance at any commercial property, regardless of the industry you’re in. Not only can they disrupt your team members and make your workplace unhealthy, but they can also… Read more »

German Roaches vs. American Water Roaches: Everything You Need to Know

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The mere mention of the word “roaches” might make you shudder. These creatures, often unwelcome visitors to our homes, come in various types. Two of the most commonly discussed are the German Roaches and American Water Roaches. What exactly sets them apart? Why is it essential to distinguish one from the other? The answers to… Read more »

How Effective Are Rodent Control Products In Colder Months?

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It’s true, everyone wants to live in Cali, including rodents. LA has been overrun with rats in recent years. And it’s not just urban areas that are experiencing rodent problems. Less densely populated areas of the state are also plagued by rats and other rodents.  One of the reasons behind this is California’s warm weather. Rats love warm… Read more »

The Signs of Carpenter Ants vs Termites, Revealed

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Did you know that termites thrive in tropical climates where the weather is damp, and the temperature rarely falls below freezing? That’s one of the reasons that Southern Californian homes are so prone to termites.  However, sometimes what you think might be termites could actually be carpenter ants. Both pests can cause considerable damage to your home…. Read more »

The Benefits of Using Quarterly Pest Control Services for Homeowners

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You’ve invested time, money, and energy into creating a home for you and your family to enjoy. Yet, there’s one visitor you didn’t invite to the party: pests! Whether you’re dealing with a visible infestation or simply thinking about the creepy crawlies, it’s important to have a pest control company you can trust on speed dial. This… Read more »

Getting Rid of Rodents: Traps, Poisons, and Other Effective Ways to Control Rodents

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There are almost 15 million rodent sightings in homes throughout the United States every year. The problem is so pervasive that the presence of mice and rats is a popular theme in television and film. Everyone knows the scene where people jump up on chairs when a mouse runs through a dining room or where a scruffy… Read more »