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These little creatures known as bed bugs will hide inside the bedding, carpet, and walls of your home. The bug will burrow inside a crevice or crack in the woodwork of you bedroom furniture, and in the seams of books. They can even get in between the layers of the cardboard you use to store things.

Bed bugs lay in wait for you to go to bed. Once you are sound asleep, they begin their feeding; on you or your pet’s blood. Once they have had their fill it is off to their nesting areas. When they have digested the meal, they will release feces that leave a dark brown stain due to the remnants of blood protein. This will get all over your bedding, furniture, and even walls. This type of stain is a tough one to remove. However, it can be done with a lot of elbow grease and thoughtful planning.

Removing Bed Bug Stains from Bedding

1. Spray the brown spots with a laundry soap that contains an enzyme-based stain remover. Make sure to allow the bedding to presoak in the laundry stain removing soap for at least 30 minutes.

2. Wash the pre-soaked bedding, along with your normal laundry soap and bleach.

3. Check the bedding after it has been laundered, and if stains are still present then wet the area that is stained with equal parts of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

4. Wait 12 to 15 minutes; then rinse away the peroxide and ammonia with cold water. Afterwards, dry as usual. You will want to avoid leaving the ammonia and peroxide on the material for more than 15 minutes. This could lead to further damage of furniture and bedding.

Removing Bed Bug Stains from Mattresses

Since you can’t just throw your mattress in a washing machine, there are a few steps in removing the bed bug stains from it.

1. Try wetting the feces stains completely with hydrogen peroxide that has been poured into a spray bottle. Leave this on for about eight minutes.

2. With a piece of terry cloth, preferable white, blot the stain area of the mattress.

3. If the stains are still there then take a little borax, dry, and sprinkle onto spots. Rub the borax in with the cloth.

4. Continue to do previous steps 1,2, and 3 until all the stains are removed.

When to Call a Professional

Although cleaning an infested area is very needed in the control of bed bugs, getting rid of these pests is not that simple. It will require some chemical treatments. Since we are talking about your bedroom and the bed that you lay on every night, it is imperative that you take some precautions. Some insecticides are harmful to humans and pets. Do not use insecticides on any bedding or mattresses unless the label specifically states it is safe to use this way.

However, if you are unsure if the insecticide you are using can harm you, your family or pets the next step and the best thing to do it is to call a professional that is experienced in bed bug control like the ones at Pest Solutions Termite & Pest Control. Contact us today!

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