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Pest Solutions: Protecting Your Family From Feasting Bed Bugs

According to the California Department of Public Health, bed bugs have become a problem throughout the entire state, and infestations may occur in even the cleanest homes. These bugs may come home in your luggage or on your clothing after you’ve stayed in a hotel or visited another home where bed bugs were present, or you could even bring them home on your dog after he’s played with another dog in the park. Every household is at risk, and residents of Los Angeles and Orange County can count on us here at Pest Solutions to eliminate those bed bugs from your home.

About Bed Bugs

These tiny bugs are hard to notice because they are literally no bigger than an apple seed, and it’s easy to think you’re simply looking at a flat piece of brown lint. They hide during the day in such spots as mattresses, furniture, clothing, stuffed toys, linens, headboards and crevices in the walls and flooring, and they come out while your sleeping to feed on your family. This makes it possible to have a huge infestation develop in your home before you even notice their presence.

Signs of Infestation

If you see red welts on the skin of your family members each morning, then you’ve just encountered the biggest indicator of an infestation of bed bugs. As the infestation grows, you may also see groups of the bugs clustered together, their shed skins that they’ve left behind and black or brown stains where they have defecated.

Problems Associated With Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not known to transmit disease to humans, but they cause other problems. When a bed bug bites a person in order to consume their meal of blood, they use their elongated beaks to inject an anti-coagulant into their victim. This allows them to feed for up to 10 minutes at a time, and some sensitive persons may have a bad reaction to this anti-coagulant. When bitten repeatedly, you may experience a serious rash, unbearable itching, painful welts and swelling. Scratching at the bites may also result in infection.

We’re Here to Help

Nobody wants bed bugs feasting on their family, and you can count on us here at Pest Solutions to eliminate them for you. We utilize a specialized heat treatment to rid you of the bed bugs, and you’re welcome to contact us today for a completely free estimate

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