How Effective Are Rodent Control Products In Colder Months?

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It’s true, everyone wants to live in Cali, including rodents. LA has been overrun with rats in recent years. And it’s not just urban areas that are experiencing rodent problems. Less densely populated areas of the state are also plagued by rats and other rodents.  One of the reasons behind this is California’s warm weather. Rats love warm… Read more »

Getting Rid of Rodents: Traps, Poisons, and Other Effective Ways to Control Rodents

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There are almost 15 million rodent sightings in homes throughout the United States every year. The problem is so pervasive that the presence of mice and rats is a popular theme in television and film. Everyone knows the scene where people jump up on chairs when a mouse runs through a dining room or where a scruffy… Read more »

Effective Pest Control Begins Outdoors

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Other than using insecticide indoors and setting traps, the most effective pest control methods actually begin outside, before these intruders ever gain entry to your home. Being proactive and working with a professional exterminator, like the team at Pest Solutions, is a great place to start. By thinking ahead and listening to your pest control… Read more »