Rodent Control: Poison-Free Ways to Keep Mice Out of your Kitchen

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When mice take shelter in your home, it is unlikely that they will leave on their own terms. As long as there is food and a safe shelter, these menacing creatures will take permanent residence in your home. Whether you’ve seen some droppings or even encountered a mouse running around your kitchen, the best way… Read more »

Keeping Your Home’s Attic Free Of Squirrel Invasions

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If you recently noticed several squirrels on your property, and you are also experiencing scratching or knocking noises coming from your attic, there is a chance one or more have taken up residence in your personal space. Squirrels cause havoc to insulation, wiring systems, and building materials, making it necessary to take proactive steps in… Read more »

Rodents: What You Need to Know

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What are rodents? Rodents are small gnawing animals from the order Rodentia. They are characterized by two pairs of incisors that grow continually throughout their lives, comprise a large portion of total mammalian species, and exist almost everywhere in the world excluding Antarctica. Common pet species that are examples of rodents include guinea pigs, hamsters,… Read more »