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As far as pesky insects go, ladybugs don’t always rank very high on the standard homeowner’s list. Most homeowners would probably prefer to have a ladybug problem than a termite one; however, just because ladybugs are kind of cute and keep plant-eating aphids at bay in your garden, it doesn’t mean you want thousands of them using your home as their winter incubation spot.

The real issue with ladybugs in the home is that there is never just one. It may start off as just one, but it doesn’t’ stay that way. Ladybugs excrete a smell that will attract other ladybugs; which means if you see one in your home, you can expect many more to find their way in!

Unfortunately, a ladybug’s smell is very difficult to remove as they can end up in strange places, like inside light fixtures or inside of walls. Once the scent is released, it is difficult to get off; the only thing you can do is take countermeasures to either kill or deter the ladybugs. There are a few home remedies you can do like planting mums that naturally repel ladybugs or leaving bags of cloves or bay leaves in areas that the ladybugs like to gather. However, that most effective option is to call the pest control experts that have special formulas to take care of ladybugs successfully.

If you have a ladybug problem, contact us today! We would love to help solve your ladybug problem or any other kind of pest problem that you’re experiencing.

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