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Other than using insecticide indoors and setting traps, the most effective pest control methods actually begin outside, before these intruders ever gain entry to your home. Being proactive and working with a professional exterminator, like the team at Pest Solutions, is a great place to start. By thinking ahead and listening to your pest control specialist, you’ll be able to eliminate pests from your property before they ever make it within four walls. 

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Preempt Mosquitos Before They Arrive

Make sure there are no standing water issues outside your home. If there are places in the yard that puddle after a hard rain, consider filling those in. Likewise, make sure there are no buckets or flower pots left filled with water for more than a day.

If you have a large bowl or trough for animals, add a Mosquito Dunk to the container. This animal-safe product not only kills mosquito larvae, but it can also eliminate black flies and fungus gnats.  

Keep Your Outdoors Clean & Clear

If you have outdoor pets, bring in any remaining food at night.  Don’t allow trash to accumulate outdoors, and keep garbage cans closed with tight lids at all times. Periodically rinse the cans themselves and allow them to air-dry. 

It’s also vital to properly seal all windows and doors, ensuring there are no cracks, gaps, or eroded caulking.  Don’t leave any hole or crack unaddressed when it comes to pest prevention.

Remove All Yard Debris

Trim away limbs of bushes or trees that are touching the house. Think of bushes, branches or tree limbs that have direct contact with your house as a bridge for potential pests, and don’t give them easy access. Yard waste, such as grass clippings, piles of leaves, etc., should also be sealed in a bag and disposed of as soon as possible.

Hire Professional Extermination Services 

Consider hiring a pest control professional to perform some extermination services around your home’s perimeter and throughout the yard. Your specialist will inspect all corners of your property to find where the vulnerabilities are and what spaces need the most attention.  Gardens, fence lines, trees and bushes, patio furniture, and children’s play equipment are all key places that will benefit from professional pest control.  

For more information on how outdoor pest control is a proactive approach to preventing infestation and damage to your home, contact Pest Solutions today!

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