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If you enjoy traveling, and you stay in hotels during your excursions, the contracting of bed bugs from one of these establishments into your own home, upon your return, is a real possibility. There are several precautions you can take in an attempt to decrease the likelihood of transferring bed bugs from an infested hotel room to your own home. Here are some tips to use the next time you sleep in a room away from your house:

Do an Inspection of the Room before Paying

It is wise to look at hotel reviews before traveling. If a hotel had difficulties with bed bugs in the past, there is a chance these pests are still present on the premises, especially if reviews indicate other travelers had problems in recent days.

Before staying in a hotel room, ask the front desk clerk if you could take a peek at the area you will be renting before you make a payment. Take a close look at the bed to determine if reddish-brown markings are present. Since the mattress will be covered, this will require you to inspect visible portions of the bed. If streaks or dots of color are seen on the frame, box spring, or bedding, ask for another room or head to another hotel, as these could very well be remnants left behind from parasites. Bed bugs themselves will harbor themselves in crevices, the legs of the bed, or the box spring. These bugs are flat and brown, resembling small beetles or ticks.

Keep your Personal Items Tucked Away

It is best to avoid unpacking your items when traveling. They will be safer inside of your suitcase where there are no bed bugs present. Do not place any items on the bed without placing a plastic bag on the bedding first. After slumbering, place your bed clothes inside of a plastic bag and tie it shut before placing the bag inside of your suitcase. This will stop the transferring of pests to your other items if bed bugs were indeed living upon the hotel bed. All dirty clothing should be handled in this same manner when traveling. Keep your suitcase raised from ground level, however, make sure to wipe down the area where you set it upon before doing so.

Be Careful in How you Handle Returning to your Home

When you arrive back home, remove the plastic bags from your suitcase or travel bag and place the contents directly into your washing machine for laundering. Toss the plastic bags into a trash bag immediately, tie the bag, and bring it outdoors for garbage collection day.

Make sure to use a hot water temperature setting when washing your clothing, and dry articles in their entirety in a heated cycle as well. This will kill any bed bugs that may have been present on your apparel. Place the containers you used to hold your personal items inside plastic garbage bags and tie them shut. They should be kept inside for several days so any bed bugs that may have attached to them will not have a source of air. Suitcases or bags can then be vacuumed or wiped down with a cleaning agent before they are to be stored for your next trip.

If you discover bed bugs have made their way into your home after your return from a traveling session, it is extremely important to treat your abode quickly. Take the time to contact us to find out more about bed bug removal tactics and to set up an appointment for an evaluation of your home today.

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