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Scientists have discovered that bed bugs are increasingly resistant to pesticides. Multiple chemical treatments kill off only 75 percent of the population. Since bed bugs mature quickly, just one pregnant survivor could multiply to a population of 5,000 in a few months.

At best, their bites cause redness and itching. At worst, they trigger allergic reactions or become infected. Bed bugs usually infest mattresses, box springs, and bedding, but they can also slip through cracks in walls, electrical outlets, and electronic devices. They leave a disgusting trail of excrement in their travels through a room. Intense heat treatment is the only proven method for eliminating these nasty pests.

Why Pesticides Are Ineffective

One perk of being a bed bug is the ability to survive for up to a year without feeding. When pesticides are sprayed, bed bugs simply find more secluded hiding places and wait. Survivors scatter and invade an even larger area. If you live in an apartment or townhome, they’re likely to move next door. You’ll be the most unpopular neighbor on the block.

Meanwhile, bugs continue to breed. Their offspring inherit the resistance to chemical pesticides. When the residual chemicals have worn off, some bugs return to their favorite spots. Then, the problem is more widespread and difficult to treat than a localized infestation.

Preparing your home for chemical treatments is a lot of work. The technician will have to have access to every square inch of the infested site. The perimeters of rooms have to be exposed. Your furniture and possessions must be moved and covered.

Bed bugs can slip through a crack no thicker than a credit card. Even when a room is properly cleared, sprays don’t always penetrate their unreachable hiding places.

For pesticides to kill even some of the bugs, multiple treatments must be done. This process can get fairly expensive and drag on for weeks. If the treatments are ineffective, you’ll probably have to discard furniture, bedding, electronics or other infested items.

Why Heat Is the Best Solution

Our Titane Propane 3000 equipment packs 500,000 Btu and can handle 3,000 square feet. It kills bed bugs and destroys their eggs in 20 to 90 minutes. No chemicals are necessary.

For more than 20 years, Pest Solutions Termite & Pest Control has been committed to the safety and comfort of Orange County families. Our friendly, professional technicians can identify all kinds of insects and animals and pinpoint their hiding places. They know pest behavior and are trained in up-to-date treatment methods.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Call today for a thorough inspection of your property and solutions for any kind of pest problem.