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California is no stranger to drought these past few years, but while humans have their various drought worries like water restrictions and wildfires, typically insect invasions aren’t part of those worries. However, the truth is that drought and insects in the home can go hand-in-hand.

While many insects thrive in hot and dry conditions, they still need to be close to a water source. These insects, like those that need water to breed and reproduce, will seek water in a drought. However, with standing bodies of water harder to find, they will seek alternative sources, and often these alternative sources are often your house. Some insects may die off or migrate to more preferable areas, but if they can find a water source in your house, they will be more than happy to live there.

Often, the houses most susceptible to invasion in a drought include those with old, leaky pipes in the wall. It could just be a few small drips, but it will look like an oasis to insects. Furthermore, if it has been going on for years and the wood has started to rot, it is the perfect environment for insects that burrow and damage wood.

Some may see the one good side of a drought is that there are less insects, but the truth is that a drought just makes insects more annoying because they are more attracted to your home than ever. This means that pest control is more essential when it does not rain because insects will have a harder time simply living in nature.

If you have a pest problem during any of California’s overly dry season or any other time of year, contact us today. Let Pest Solutions come out and solve those problems before any more insects decide to make your home into their drought vacation home.

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