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Bed bugs are a menace, and after all the horror stories, you worry that every speck you find might be the beginning of an invasion. However, bed bugs aren’t as prolific of breeders as some other insects might be. In truth, infestations come from ignoring the issue. If you catch bed bugs early, you can prevent a lot of sleepless, itchy nights.

The average female bed bug lays about five eggs per day. These eggs will then take two weeks to hatch and several molt cycles before those babies mature. While this can result in hundreds of bed bugs per generation, you are afforded a lot of time to deal with them before they take over completely.

The problem is not how fast bed bugs multiply, but how they live. They don’t live on humans or animals like fleas, they just feed on us. Instead, they live in small spaces like on clothes, in couches, or yes, in your bed. This presents problems because while laundering items at either very high heat or freezing them is effective at killing bed bugs and their eggs, large furniture is pretty hard to stick in the freezer or dryer.

The most effective method when you find bed bugs, or more likely, find their bites on you, is to call a professional pest control service. Cleaning can help treat the issue and limit the size of the next generation, but only professional treatments can get rid of bed bugs before they become a huge problem. Pest control technicians know all the hiding spots and have treatments that are effective at removing bed bugs and their eggs from large items.

If you have spotted a pest invasion in your home, bed bugs or otherwise, and need professional intervention, contact us today to see what Pest Solutions can do for you.

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