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Pest control for many homes is done in an as needed basis. They find termites in their wall or bed bugs in their bed and make the call. Unfortunately, by the time they discover these tiny terrors have invaded their home, it is a pretty significant problem. As in many cases, prevention can be far more effective than reaction.

For those that like to be preventative, they engage in regular pest control. However, how often does a service need to come out? In truth, it can depend on your yard and home. Certain areas, such as highly wet areas, may require more regular treatments than others.

In truth, usually having pest control out once per quarter will be the standard. They can treat the issues of the season and make sure any issues from the past season are still being prevented. Yet, general pest control on a schedule doesn’t necessarily mean someone comes out and covers your yard in chemicals. Pest control chemical treatments should only be used if other methods have been ineffective, or you have had a serious issue with specific insects.

For example, if you have old, rotted wood in your home, this is a major target for carpenter ants. If you have already had an infestation, part of your general pest control may be spraying around your home specifically to keep carpenter ants away. For other general prevention, they may use other, non-chemical methods to prevent pest issues unless those prove ineffective at keeping other creatures at bay.

If you have pest issues or want to prevent pest problems in your home through regular pest control, contact us today. Pest Solutions can help your set up a regular maintenance plan to keep your home pest-free and are dedicated to exploring environmentally-friendly pest solutions first before breaking out the heavy chemicals in your yard.

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