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Dealing with an ant infestation is nothing short of maddening; the relentless march of these tiny creatures never seems to end once they have taken up residence in your home. They wander in like they own the place, leaving behind their trails of pheromones for the others. As a homeowner, what are you supposed to do to keep these insufferable pests away? In this blog post, we will explain some ways that you can discourage ants from infesting your home and keep them out for good.

Keep Everything Clean

Ants are naturally attracted to food debris and crumbs that fall to the floor. Be sure that you are consistently wiping down surfaces, tidying up, and vacuuming. If there are any areas in your house that contain tiny morsels of food, this is a treasure trove for hungry ants. By sterilizing these areas, you are eliminating any incentives that ants might have to hang out in your home. Also, don’t forget that ants leave behind pheromone trails to communicate with other members of the colony. Take note of the pathways the ants are traveling along and clean these areas as thoroughly as you can. When you destroy these trails, you are destroying a critical means of communication for the ants. Don’t forget that there are many traps and poisons on the market that can be placed in the areas that ants frequent. By placing these devices around your house, it’s possible to kill or sicken the colony.

Identify Points of Entry

Once you’ve managed to quell the infestation, then it’s time to identify areas around your home that could be acting as entry points for your uninvited guests. Since ants are so minuscule, identifying every point of entry probably isn’t feasible. You may want to hire an expert to help you identify the specific entry points that the ants are using. Ants can sometimes enter through cracks in the walls, so be sure to seal any of these cracks if they exist. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your doors and windows are free of any crevices that could allow ants entry into your house. Sometimes, these areas don’t get properly closed after they’ve been used, so it’s a good idea to ensure that all of these areas are secure. Ideally, you should have some caulk and weather stripping on hand to seal these areas as you find them.

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