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Nobody likes a skunk. They aren’t innately aggressive or even particularly destructive, but the fear of skunks comes from the ridiculously smelly spray that they release when startled. It is part of their natural defense, and they use it often and indiscriminately. It could be your dog who got too excited and chased it, or you could turn a corner in your yard and run face first into it.

That is the real issue with a skunk in the yard. They are difficult to deal with because you can’t really get close to them to shoo them away. If you get sprayed, their scent is very difficult to negate. This is often why you will want to choose a professional to get rid of them. However, you will also need to take measures to prevent skunks from returning.
To keep skunks from coming back to your yard, consider the following:

Secure Food and Garbage – The number one reason a skunk is attracted to your yard is because it can find something to eat. It can smell food remains in your garbage can or from pet food and will come to find something to eat. If possible, put trash cans indoors or otherwise secure them. The same goes for any fruit-bearing trees or plants. Pick up any fallen fruit and pick the offerings as soon as they are ripe.
Block Any Borrows – Skunks don’t usually make their own dens in the ground, instead they will move into dens abandoned by other wildlife. If you spotted a skunk frequently in your yard, they likely found somewhere to live nearby.
Remove Suitable Homes – It is not just abandoned borrows that skunks may call home, but brush piles or even under decks or porches. Be sure to remove or block off these areas so they can’t live in your yard.

Of course, skunk prevention doesn’t do much if you already have one. If there is a skunk in or around your yard, contact us to help you get rid of it and keep any more from coming back.

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