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For many households that have pests, some may choose to forgo professional pest control because it involves chemical treatments. Many may choose to use Do-It-Yourself methods because they can be more natural, if they fear for the safety of children and/or pets in the home. However, the truth is that there is really no need to forgo professional pest control if you can find the right company to do it.

A good pest control company will ask if you have children and/or pets in the home and take measures to treat in a way to not cause them harm. Even if potentially harmful chemicals are needed, a respectable pest control service will let you know what precautions to take. This could be keeping your children and/or pets indoors for a certain amount of time while things dry, or keeping certain areas of treatment off-limits.

For example, if you have carpenter ants in a closet, a pest control service may treat it with spray, dust, and a baiting gel. Therefore, they may recommend you keep that closet closed and locked until the treatment is completed. Yet, if they choose to treat other areas of the house, they may not use items like the dust that can easily come into contact with curious pets or children. In most pest treatments, the chemicals are only harmful to non-insects until it dries.

The benefit of using professional services is that it not only gets better pest control results, but you will know for sure when it is safe to let pets or children around treated areas. If you use a can of bug spray, you won’t be completely sure when others can be around it. However, a pest control technician will be able to properly articulate the purpose of the treatment and how long it will take to before it’s safe to be around.

If you have pests and your Do-It-Yourself treatments aren’t nearly as effective as you’d like, it is time to get a professional’s touch. Don’t live with pests, contact us today!

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