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If you have pest problems, seemingly one after another, you may wonder if it is something you are doing that is attracting them. While you may just be unlucky and live in an area that is very active with common pests, some homes do make better homes for pests than others.

What Attracts Pests?

Like humans, pests need certain things to survive and thrive. If you home meet those criteria, they will flock to you.

  • Water – Like all life, pests need water to survive. They may travel to find food, but they will live near water. If your yard has moist plants, standing water, or you have a lot of moisture inside your home, it will be attractive.
  • Food – Some insects will be drawn to crumbs and other food, but pests attracted by food are often an exponential problem. The issue is that once you have a pest, other pests that eat those pests will be drawn as well. For example, if you have flies, you may eventually gain spiders that came to eat them.
  • Shelter – Pests will need a place to hide, nest, and sleep. If your yard has that, be in the form of dense landscaping, junk piles, wood piles, or just a lot of debris, then pests will be attracted to it. Furthermore, if you have gaps in your exterior, many pests will seek to use them to move indoors for the colder months.
  • Lights – Most pests don’t need light to live, but they will be attracted to it. If you leave your exterior lights on all night, it may deter burglars, but it will attract a wide array of insects to your yard. You may wish to switch from a white light bulb to a yellow light bulb to reduce this.

While you can rectify many of the above to make your home less of a target, if you already have the pests, then they need an eviction notice. If you have pest problems, contact us today to see what Pest Solutions Termite & Pest Control can do to help.

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