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When autumn arrives, the need to prepare the home for cooler weather is necessary. This should include taking steps to keep rodents from trying to take cover in your house! Here are a few tasks you can incorporate into your maintenance routine to aid in keeping mice out of your home.

Do an Evaluation of the Exterior of Your Home

Mice are able to squeeze themselves under and through very small areas. For this reason, doing a detailed evaluation of the siding on the home is necessary. Stuff pieces of steel wool into small holes and use a basic caulk to fill in cracks. If larger damage is present, consider calling a professional to make repairs so pests do not use voids to get inside of the home.

Keep the Inside of Your Home Clean

Mice will stay in an area where there is easy to reach food. If you take the time to do a thorough cleaning of the inside of your home, crumbs will not likely be present. This in turn will force mice to move on to other areas in search for food. Make it a priority to clean up after every meal and take the time to contain leftovers for storage.

Hire a Professional to Complete an Evaluation

If you think you have mice in your home, it is a good idea to call a pest control service to check over the home and property for any signs of mice. This type of business will know the telltale signs of a mouse problem and will take the necessary steps in eradicating one if found. They will also be able to handle a variety of other pest problems, keeping the home free of intruders all winter long.

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