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If you recently noticed several squirrels on your property, and you are also experiencing scratching or knocking noises coming from your attic, there is a chance one or more have taken up residence in your personal space. Squirrels cause havoc to insulation, wiring systems, and building materials, making it necessary to take proactive steps in removing them effectively. Most people will call an animal control service to help with rodent control. Here are some steps to take afterward to keep these pesky animals from becoming problems again in the future.

Ensure that the Roof is Kept Clear

Eliminating pathways to the rooftop will aid in keeping squirrels from getting inside of your home. Taking the time to trim back tree limbs and brush will keep critters from using them as ladders to your rooftop and siding. Make it a priority to do pruning procedures each year for the best results.

Check for Areas Needing Repair                        

After an animal control service removes squirrels from your attic, it is best to do a complete evaluation of the exterior of your home to search for spots where these pests were able to gain entry to the interior. Cover holes and cracks with pieces of flashing and secure them in place with caulk. Alternately, stuff pieces of steel wool into crevices found to make it impossible for small animals to get past.

Remove Attractions from the Area

Squirrels tend to stay in areas where a readily accessible food supply is present. Picking up nuts that have fallen from trees and disposing of them promptly will make it harder for pests to find food when needed. Covering fountains, bird baths, and other spots with standing water is also helpful.

If there is a need to remove squirrels from an attic, a call can be made to a professional to do an evaluation of the problem. Pick up the phone and contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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