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If you have a patio that you utilize for relaxing barbecues and family get-togethers during the summertime, it is likely you wish for people to remain comfortable while accessing this area. Insects can become a nuisance when warm weather emerges, making it necessary to take steps in trying to keep them away from your patio during times you wish to enjoy the outdoors. Here are a few tips you can use to help in keeping insects from becoming pesky nuisances when you are trying to enjoy time on your patio.

Use the Right Lighting to Keep Insects Away
If you have a source of lighting near your patio, you may find bugs congregate around the illumination projected during nighttime hours. Since many insects are attracted to light, keeping your patio area dark as much as possible will be beneficial in keeping the insect population down within the area. Consider installing solar-powered lights in your yard to attract bugs away from your home as a result. If you must use lighting near your patio, swap your light bulbs for bulbs with a yellowish hue. Many insects cannot see this color as easy as the illumination projected from a blue-hued bulb.

Keep Fresh Scents in the Area to Dissuade Insects
Many insects will shy away from particular scents, making it a great idea to use them to your advantage outdoors near your patio. Lavender, citrus, and peppermint are popular scents that several insects, including spiders, will try to avoid. Consider dipping pieces of cotton or soft material into a scented essential oil and place them around your patio to help keep insects from crawling or flying around the area you wish to relax. Citronella candles will also aid in keeping insects away from areas you wish to use.

Take Time to Clean Your Patio Frequently
Insects will stick around an area where dirt is abundant. Taking the time to sweep and vacuum your patio regularly will make the area less attractive to pests. You will also be able to see insects easier as they will not have debris to use as a hiding place. Make sure to wipe down each piece of furniture resting upon your patio as well. Cleaning after a meal is served upon your patio is also extremely important as crumbs or grease will be an attraction to all types of insects, and perhaps rodents. Be sure to wash and cover grilling equipment promptly as well.

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