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When cooler weather arrives, many homeowners discover rodents have made their way into their abodes to retreat from the temperature outdoors. Taking steps to keep rodents on the exterior of the home can be done by making the interior feel less than attractive. Here are some tips to try in an attempt to keep mice, rats, and other pests from taking up residence inside of a home.

Do an Evaluation of the Exterior

If the outside of a home is riddled with cracks and crevices, mice will surely use them as entryways to the interior. It is best to take the time to assess siding for voids and fill them in as needed. Cracks around windows and doors should also be treated with pieces of weather-stripping, caulk, or foam to make it harder for mice to squeeze their way inside.

Keep Rodents Afraid of the Home

Using decoys on the property of a home will help in keeping rodents from getting too close to the structure. Plastic or rubber owls or hawks will make rodents believe they are in danger within the area, compelling them to move on to other areas while in search of shelter. Rubber snakes also work well at keeping mice from crawling under doors or trying to make their way through foundation levels.

Tend to the Interior and Use Scent

The inside of a home should be kept as clean as possible to help in keeping all types of pests away. Failing to clean a home can lead to an abundance of crumbs which make rodents more likely to attempt getting inside if they smell food nearby. Instead of greeting rodents with the scent of food, try spraying diluted lavender oil or keep a peppermint plant inside. These scents will naturally deter rodents away. Keeping a cat is an alternative as well. The scent of this predator will keep mice from trying to gain entry.

If rodents are seen or suspected to be inside of a home, calling a pest control service is the best way to eliminate them completely. To find out more, contact us today.

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