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Uh oh! It’s bed bug season… again. Technically, it’s always bed bug season as this tiny pest does not have a hibernation period. Bed bugs can be a massive inconvenience, for such little buggers. According to, in 2018 California was among some of the most severely infested states with bed bugs! Bed bugs do… Read more »

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Mice and rats are a common pest problem throughout the U.S., but not necessarily one that prompts homeowners to take action. Perhaps it’s because rodents seem harmless or maybe the cost of rodent control (performed by trained professionals) seems too steep. Unfortunately, misinformation can lead homeowners down the wrong path and what may start out… Read more »

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Pest control for many homes is done in an as needed basis. They find termites in their wall or bed bugs in their bed and make the call. Unfortunately, by the time they discover these tiny terrors have invaded their home, it is a pretty significant problem. As in many cases, prevention can be far… Read more »