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What are rodents? Rodents are small gnawing animals from the order Rodentia. They are characterized by two pairs of incisors that grow continually throughout their lives, comprise a large portion of total mammalian species, and exist almost everywhere in the world excluding Antarctica. Common pet species that are examples of rodents include guinea pigs, hamsters,… Read more »

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Renting an apartment is handy for many people and gives them the chance to work and play while living near to their area of work and/or favorite attractions. However, the multifamily nature of most apartments means that you likely share a lot with your neighbors. You will hear all of the noises coming from their… Read more »

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Honeybees are a pest that every homeowner should be aware of. If you have a colony of honeybees taking shelter in your home, it is not an issue that can be ignored. Below are some common questions that we’ve had client’s ask us: Why Do Bees Start Hives in Homes? Honeybees are one of America’s… Read more »

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All pets like to go outside, from the house cat that likes to go sun themselves on the deck to the high energy dog that likes to go root around in every corner of your yard. However, while it is nice to see them happy, they are an unsuspecting target for many pests. It can… Read more »

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If you noticed an abundance of spiders in your backyard, you are likely to be concerned about their presence. While spiders aid in the elimination of insects, they can become a nuisance if there is a large population present. Here are some tips that can be used to reduce the number of spiders in a… Read more »