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If you have a fireplace in your home, it is likely you use it during cooler weather to help in keeping the interior living space warm. With the use of firewood, comes the risk of contracting a pest control problem. There are a few steps that should be taken when using wood to ensure insects do not invade the inside of your structure. Here are a few tips to consider.

Be Aware of Local Firewood Rules

Some towns will not allow the transport of firewood from a distance away. These rules are in place because the possibility of harbored insects is present. If insects not native to your area are transported to your town, there is a chance of them causing damage to foliage, possibly leading to devastation of large areas of land over time.

Keep Firewood Outdoors Until Needed

It is best to keep firewood on your outside property instead of inside of your home. If you need to use a log or two, go outside to retrieve them and place them in your fireplace to ignite immediately. Setting down a few logs in your home, even for a few minutes, could lead to insects crawling from under bark and hiding inside of your living space.

Store Firewood with Insects in Mind

When you store firewood, it is best to place logs in an area where they are slightly raised from ground level. This will minimize the number of insects that will harbor themselves in between logs or inside of cracks in a log. Tap each log on the ground before bringing them into the home, as well. This will jostle insects from each one, possibly knocking them away from the logs so they are not a threat to your home’s interior.

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