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If you hear or see squirrels up in your attic space, you may not immediately think to evict them. If it is cold outside, why not let them stay for a bit, right? Unfortunately, squirrels can cause a whirlwind of damage to interior spaces, which is why even if it is cold out, you should kick them out immediately.

What Damage Can Squirrels Cause?

The two major problems that squirrels cause in an attic is that they nest and essentially use the bathroom wherever they want. Their nesting habits tear up insulation as well as mat it down, making it less effective. Their urine and feces leave behind unpleasant odors that will eventually seep into your home’s main floors. After even a single squirrel has lived in your attic, you will likely have to replace the insulation.

Alongside general damage due to making themselves at home, squirrels – like all rodents – have a compulsive need to chew. They chew the insulation, the wood, and the wires in your attic. If they start chewing on wires, this also makes them suddenly become a major fire hazard.

What to Do When a Squirrel is in Your Attic?

When you have a squirrel in the attic, the best thing to do is to evict them by way of a professional pest control service removal. They need not be killed, but trained pest control technicians will get the squirrel out, determine what damage has been caused, and finally block up any potential entryways they used to get in.

Do you have something bumping around in your attic? If it is loud, it is usually a squirrel. However, regardless of if it is a squirrel, rat, mouse, or any other animal, contact us today so Pest Solutions can give it a proper eviction notice. We make sure that when they are kicked out, they won’t be coming back!

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