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When homeowners find out that they have rodents, they may be embarrassed about the problem or assume that it is because of something they did. However, a rodent getting into a home is simply a part of the normal behavior of rodents. They want to be where they can find food and water, and your home has both. If you suspect you have a rodent, you aren’t alone. Most homes will get one or more of these pests indoors from time to time.

Looking for Sign

Are you noticing items torn up or that food has been taken? If so, you may be suspecting an infestation of mice or rats. To find out whether you are correct, take a look around for rodent “sign.” This is the droppings these animals leave behind. If you don’t see any sign out in the open, look under cabinets, in pantries, behind the toilet and anywhere that you have water pipes. Finding sign is a clear signal that a rodent has been in your home.

Noise Indications

Hearing scratching sounds inside your home is a clear indication of one or more rodents. If you hear small scratching noises, never dismiss them. If you allow a rodent infestation to continue, this will only lead to more of them in your home.

If you have determined that you do have rodents, it’s time to take precautions against them. Find any block holes that exist in your home; such as a door that has no weather-stripping or a hole in the garage door. And above all, contact us to inspect your home and get rid of rodents to keep your home safe from the diseases and mess that come with rodents.

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