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Rats and mice start looking for warmth the moment temperatures begin to drop as we head from summer into fall. Your home may be one of their better options. If you are interested in rodent control, below are some tips that can help you to rodent-proof your home for the fall.

Remove Yard Clutter

Untidy, cluttered parts of your yard shelter rodents, which means that you should tidy them up. Piles of yard waste, firewood or scrap lumber all can give rodents places to live in your yard and possible access to your home.

Rodent-Proof Your Landscape

Trees with branches that touch your home should be the focus of your landscaping efforts. These trees provide pathways to your roof and attic. Trim back the branches and while you’re at it, mow your lawn and cut back any shrubs near your home.

Seal Your Home

Make it more difficult for rodents to enter your home by sealing up potential entrance points. Inspect your home for small openings bearing in mind that mice can squeeze through gaps the size of a dime. If they can’t, they will gnaw at them to make them larger. According to the CDC, common openings that they can use include holes for electrical, plumbing and gas and gaps around floor and dryer vents.

Remove Food Sources

Food may be one of the factors drawing rodents to your home. You may be unwittingly putting out the welcome mat by providing local rats and mice with birdseed, pet food, or unsecured trash cans. Check your yard for any sources of food that might be attractive to rats or mice.

Call a Pest Control Professional to Visit your Home

A pest control professional will inspect your home and take appropriate steps with an eye to making it inhospitable to rats and mice.

To ensure that your home is rodent proof this fall, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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