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Despite their small size, rats and mice top the list of most dangerous rodents. The mere sight of these seemingly little pests can force your heart to skip a beat in shock. But wait until you see the damage they can cause!

Most homeowners focus on the damage rodents are likely to cause on their furniture, in their garage, stores, kitchen, inside the ceiling and other parts of the house. But do you take time to think about the danger rodents pose just by being in your home?

Read on to find out why you should be worried about your health when you see rodents crawling around your home.

They Carry and Spread Harmful Bacteria

Rats and mice like digging through compost piles, trash cans, sewers, and dumpsters while looking for food. The same rodents, you will find walking on your kitchen countertops, floors, dishes, cutting boards, rugs, carpets, bedding, and flooring. They collect harmful bacteria and microorganisms from outside and bring it straight into your home.

With increased exposure to these harmful bacteria, you can start showing symptoms such as persistent flu. You could also experience other health issues like food poisoning. Something to remember: rodents can cause serious diseases; there are two ways in which they can get you sick: Direct Contact and Secondary Disease.

Direct Contact Diseases

Rodents eat a lot. It’s no surprise that they also urinate and excrete numerous times. In your home, they like urinating on smooth surfaces like rugs, curtains, wooden floors, under the couch, and so on. These are the same high contact areas where you spend your time.

Secondary Diseases

Rats and mice fall into the category of pests, but they too can carry other pests of their own. If you see rodents in your home, don’t be surprised if you also experience a flea, tick, lice or mite infestation. These little parasites are to blame for allergies and other severe diseases in humans.

There’s no doubt that dirt and rodents go hand in hand. Often, this means more hospital visits for you. The presence of rodents in your home shouldn’t only be startling but should also have you worried about your health.

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