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Garages are the perfect environment for insects and small animals. They are dark, have lots of hiding spaces, and are easy to access from the outside. And once these intruders enter your garage, they can enter your house.

To keep pests at bay, use these four steps to turn your garage into an unwelcome space for them.

1. Declutter the Garage

It’s easy for critters to hide when there’s lots of clutter. If your garage is chock-full of items, you will need to clean the area. To declutter your garage:

  • Remove cardboard boxes: For many insects, cardboard boxes make great nesting spots. If you have cardboard boxes, store them on a surface above the floor, so pests can’t get to them easily. Or place your items in plastic or metal bins. Throw away wet cardboard boxes since they may harbor mold, which can attract cockroaches and termites.
  • Close-up food: Animals love the smell of open food. To keep them from finding food, keep it in an airtight container, away from the floor. If you store pet food in the garage, put it in a sealed container or closet.
  • Eliminate dirt and trash: Clean up garbage to make it harder for bugs and small animals to hide. Sweep up dirt and cobwebs. Mop up spills and water puddles as they happen, to avoid attracting insects in the future.

After you have cleaned the room, take a moment to search for unwanted visitors inside the garage. If you leave them be, they will become a problem later.

2. Search the Garage

Pests in your garage will leave evidence of their presence. Inspect the room for droppings, nests, or insect husks. If you find any critters, exterminate them as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for hidden entry points since insects can use them to enter your house.

3. Block Entry Points

Holes or cracks in the garage can operate as doorways for bugs. Search for gaps by inspecting the floor, walls, windows, and ceiling. If you find any, use silicone caulk to seal them. If you see light on the edges of the closed garage door, it means the door has gaps that insects can use to enter the garage. Consider using a weather strip or rubber sealing to block the gaps around the door. These products can keep the pests out and preserve indoor heat. If you have one installed already, make sure it isn’t damaged or worn out. If it is, it needs to be replaced. You can buy either product at your local hardware store.

4. Fortify your Garage

Finally, you will need protective measures to keep critters away from your garage. You can use pest traps, and bug sprays, or call a professional to handle the job. 

Professional Pest Control Service

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