Are You a Rental Property Owner? Rely on Routine Termite Service

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When you own a property that you have turned into a full-time rental, you should do everything you can to maximize occupancy. Dealing with annual vacancies will lead to missing out on potential income because you will have inevitable gaps between your tenants. Although you will not be able to eliminate these gaps altogether, you… Read more »

June Bugs: Good Riddance

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The European Chafer Beetle, also known as the June Bug, is a pest that has been a bane to property owners throughout North America. But it does not have to be. The following will provide a guide to the beetle itself, as well as options for how to get rid of the Chafer Beetle once… Read more »

How Drought Affects Insects

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California is no stranger to drought these past few years, but while humans have their various drought worries like water restrictions and wildfires, typically insect invasions aren’t part of those worries. However, the truth is that drought and insects in the home can go hand-in-hand. While many insects thrive in hot and dry conditions, they… Read more »