You Just Got Home From a Tropical Vacation…Now What?

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Whether vacationing to take a break from your grueling job or spending time away from winter months as a retired snowbird, a trip to the tropics or a warmer climate certainly has its appeal. Sunbathing on a serene beach, strolling along boardwalks or cobblestones to browse quaint shops, or experiencing fresh seafood or more exotic… Read more »

Don’t Ignore Ladybugs in the Home

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As far as pesky insects go, ladybugs don’t always rank very high on the standard homeowner’s list. Most homeowners would probably prefer to have a ladybug problem than a termite one; however, just because ladybugs are kind of cute and keep plant-eating aphids at bay in your garden, it doesn’t mean you want thousands of… Read more »

Rodent Control: Poison-Free Ways to Keep Mice Out of your Kitchen

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When mice take shelter in your home, it is unlikely that they will leave on their own terms. As long as there is food and a safe shelter, these menacing creatures will take permanent residence in your home. Whether you’ve seen some droppings or even encountered a mouse running around your kitchen, the best way… Read more »