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Termites are an extremely destructive pest. Often, their presence goes undetected until they’ve caused massive damage to your home. Spotting a termite invasion before it gets out of control can save you thousands in home repairs. Unfortunately, the evidence left behind by termites is easy to miss, however, knowing what signs to look for can greatly increase your ability to detect an invasion before the pests destroy the integrity of your home.

Clicking in the Walls

While tunneling through the beams inside your walls, ceilings and floors, termites can emit a clicking or rattling noise. The sounds are made by either soldier termites banging their heads against the tunnel walls as a warning call, or the noise is the result of worker termites creating new tunnels with their mouths. The clicking and rattling are not easy sounds to hear during the day, but at night when your home is quiet, the noises are much more noticeable.

Termite Wings

Swarm termites leave their current colonies to mate and create new colonies. This happens twice a year, usually around spring and fall. Once the swarm termites find a new area, they shed their wings, which you can often spot on the floor near light fixtures, doors, or window seals. If you spot a pile of wings anywhere in your home, it’s time to contact a pest control expert.

Hollow Wood

One of the more obvious signs termites have taken up residence in your house is hollow wood. Even if you haven’t spotted evidence of an invasion, it’s always wise to walk around your home and check for hollow wood. To do so, simply find areas in your walls, ceilings, and floors where solid wood should be present, and give the spots a little knock. If the area sounds hollow instead of solid, termites have likely tunneled through the wood. Calling an exterminator to inspect your home is your next best step.

If you suspect termites are eating through the wood in your home, please contact Pest Solutions Termite & Pest Control today and we’ll be happy to inspect your home and rid it of termites.

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