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Bed bugs weren’t a bug that Americans talked about 20 years ago. But today, the world is more global, and frequent international travel has spread this bug around the globe. When they get into a home, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

The Bites

One of the most common ways that people begin to notice a bed bug infestation is to see the bites they leave on the body. The legs are often the areas first bitten by these bugs. During the night, they come out from under or inside the mattress and start biting and feeding on the blood of the sleeping person. This can leave uncomfortable bites on any of the extremities as well as the torso and even the face.

The Infectious Nature of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs multiply quickly, and they love to spread to different areas of the home. They may take up residence in plush chairs and couches as well as the beds. They will spread from room to room if they can, and this makes it difficult to get rid of them all. Once you have them, professional services are needed to exterminate them and make sure they don’t keep spreading to every corner of the home.

The Emotional Toll

Many people who have homes that become infested with bed bugs are ashamed and embarrassed about the problem. They may stop entertaining at home or spend all their time trying to eradicate bugs that hide well and spread easily. This eventually takes an emotional toll on the household as the problem only gets worse with time.

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