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When termites invade your home, it causes plenty of problems. Termites can eat into the structure and foundation of your home, causing damage and repair costs that could get expensive. If left unchecked for weeks or months, a termite infestation can ruin your home. This is why prevention or termite extermination is beneficial to your home’s upkeep. Here are additional dangers of termite infestation.

Health Risks of Termites

While you cannot die from a termite bite, termites can still cause issues with your health. If you have certain allergies or asthma, the termite bites might cause painful reactions in your skin such as stings, swelling, and itching. Termites can also give off particles in the air that cause allergic reactions. If termites reside in humid and damp parts of your home, mold grows. The mold can cause headaches, sore throat, and coughing.

Termites Eat Away at Your Furniture

Another risk of termite infestation is that it eats away at your furniture. This is especially the case if the infestation lasts for a long period of time. You can avoid this situation by contacting a pest control specialist.

Major Hazards Can Occur

If termites eat away at a wooden structure for a long period of time, there might be a major hazard. For example, if termite infestation damages a wooden structure badly, the structure could topple over and hit a power line, leading to a fire.

Ways to Prevent Termite Infestation

One way to keep termites at bay is to reduce moisture in and around your home. You should also remove any dying trees and extra debris from your home. Another idea would be to install a concrete base around some wooded sections of your home to reduce entry of termites.

In conclusion, don’t let termites ruin your home’s foundation. With prevention or help from a professional, you can have a termite-free home.
If you need help with getting rid of those annoying termites, contact us. Our trained staff will effectively rid your home of these pests and restore your sanity so that you can enjoy your home.

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