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Renting an apartment is handy for many people and gives them the chance to work and play while living near to their area of work and/or favorite attractions. However, the multifamily nature of most apartments means that you likely share a lot with your neighbors.

You will hear all of the noises coming from their apartments, the smells (both good and bad) coming from the person next door’s place. Unfortunately, it is very often the case that neighbors in an apartment building will quite frequently end up sharing pests with each other.

Apartment complexes are some of the most difficult places for pest control to get a handle on. The close proximity of all of the apartment units makes eliminating or even mitigating an infestation of pests an extremely difficult thing to do. Units don’t just share walls and floors; they also have utilities with a shared connection between the various units. Not only that, pests are extremely sneaky and can find a wide variety of different entrance points from underneath doorways and windows that lack weather stripping to AC unit ventilation shafts and the dirt of a potted plant.

Check Packages

Pests can potentially find their way inside your residence through packages delivered to your home. The easiest way to avoid this is to thoroughly check your packages before bringing them inside. While this won’t completely circumvent this method for pests to get into your home, it does make it less likely.

General Anti-Pest Practices

The following anti-pest practices can also help to limit the ability for pests to get into your apartment.

  • Place and dispose of your garbage in sealed bags
  • Wipe down surfaces and sweep floors regularly to remove crumbs and other residues that may attract pests
  • Vacuum once a week at minimum
  • Store food in sealed plastic containers
  • Check for moisture and repair leaky pipes regularly

Using a pest control contractor can help you more easily maintain control of pests in your apartment complex. Contact us today to discuss pest removal options for your rental property.

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