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If you noticed an abundance of spiders in your backyard, you are likely to be concerned about their presence. While spiders aid in the elimination of insects, they can become a nuisance if there is a large population present. Here are some tips that can be used to reduce the number of spiders in a backyard environment.

Be Mindful of Lighting

Since insects are attracted to illumination, a lit up area is bound to have numerous spiders around to capture bugs that congregate in bright areas. If spiders tend to be a problem, turning off exterior lighting during nighttime hours will reduce the number of insects in a backyard, thereby reducing spiders looking for a meal as well. Alternately, use yellow bulbs as some insects are not drawn to their light.

Clean Backyard Items Regularly

Whenever a spider web is seen in your backyard, make it a priority to knock it down. Spiders will move on to other areas if they need to continuously set up their food-trapping mechanisms. Wipe down lawn furniture and kids’ play equipment on a routine basis to keep spiders from using these items as starting or ending web points.

Use Deterrents to Keep Spiders Away

Spiders will avoid areas where the scent of lavender or citrus is present. Using sprays with scented essential oils will aid in keeping spider populations low. In addition, hiring a pest control service to use chemical agents in a yard will not only eliminate spiders, but also their food sources.

For more information on the elimination of spiders and other pests, contact us. An appointment can be made to evaluate the property and recommendations will be made to start the process in pest removal.

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