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Do you have a lot of spiders in your home? You might think you have a normal amount, but when you visit other houses, you may notice a distinct lack of cobwebs and corner dwellers. In truth, if you have a lot of spiders in your home, you may see that as a serious problem in and of itself. However, a huge population of spiders means you may have multiple pest problems that need to be addressed.

While spiders are drawn indoors for the same reasons we all are – warmth and shelter – there is one major draw that brings them in droves and keeps them there: Spiders are primarily drawn inside because there is food there.

Spiders don’t feed on crumbs like other pests, they feed on insects. If you have a large population of spiders in your home, it means you also have an insect population that is sustaining them. A spider may lay an egg sac in your home, containing hundreds of eggs, but those spiders will be unlikely to stay or survive inside unless they have food to eat.

If you have a spider problem inside, you also have an insect problem. The easiest way to remove spider populations is to cut their food source. This is where a pest control service comes in. If you call a pest control service, they can treat spider problems, but usually the technique in this will be to treat the insect problem that attracts the spiders. Afterwards, you will be advised to address moisture or food issues that may have attracted the prey insects in the first place.

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