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Why Use TAP Insulation?

Holiday Visitors

During the holidays, we open our hearts, our doors and our homes to friends and family. Many will be overnight guests who travel hundreds of miles to be with us. We want the experience to be perfect. Uninvited guests like bed bugs, however, have the power to mar or even cut short what should be a celebration of the good things in life.

Signs You Have Bed Bugs

Cleanliness alone is not a safeguard against bed bugs. Unfortunately, they’re equal opportunity pests with a single demand—blood. Yours is preferred, but they’ll settle for a pet’s. Young bed bugs can live for months without feeding, and adults can last a year. Meanwhile, each adult can lay up to 250 eggs in that time.

Bed bugs are flat and tiny—about ¼ inch long or less. They hide during the day, and they’re a bland beige until they feed. So, besides being bitten, how do you know you have bed bugs?

  • Shed Skins. The insects molt, or shed their exoskeleton, repeatedly as they grow. You may find tiny insect casings or cast skins in or around your mattress, box springs, bed frame or pillows. However, any furniture, crack or crevice in any room can host bed bugs. Bed bugs have even hidden in picture frames.
  • Stains. After feeding, bed bugs excrete fecal matter that is essentially digested blood. You may see small reddish-brown spots on sheets, bedding, furniture upholstery or carpeting.

Five Ways Bed Bugs Get Into Your Home

Bed bugs have become problems for retail stores, healthcare offices and institutions, libraries and public transportation as well as schools, from daycare facilities and preschools to universities. All they need is one point of entry to your home, and you only need one bed bug to start an infestation:

  1. Luggage. Traditionally, this is the most common source. Insects can wedge their bodies into an external seam or piece of trim or hide in a seam of packed clothing.
  2. New Purchases. Even if you haven’t brought home a mature bed bug, you may have bought a bed bug egg.
  3. Bodily Contact. That seat on the plane, bus, taxi or handicapped scooter can hold a hungry traveler who may now target you.
  4. Shared Clothing. Not everyone realizes that they have bed bugs. Some people don’t react while others break out in itchy rashes or hive-like bites. Your friend’s jacket may in fact be a bed bug micro-environment.
  5. Sleepovers. If you have children or teens, sleepovers are a commonplace venue for sharing an infestation.

Unfortunately, washing and careful inspection may not be enough to stop bed bugs from setting up house in your home. However, you can make your home as bed bug-unfriendly as possible.

Fighting Bed Bugs With TAP Insulation

Thanks to borate, TAP pest control insulation offers a green solution that can help. TAP insulation can make your home a killer environment for insects while keeping it a safe, pleasant one for people and pets. TAP insulation works because:

  • It’s made of paper fiber evenly and thoroughly treated with borate—a derivative of boric acid and a relative of the more familiar borax laundry booster.
  • Contact with the insulation coats insects in borate. They ingest the borate—toxic to them—when they groom; yes, bed bugs do groom themselves.

TAP insulation is a highly effective insulator for any climate, offering the appropriate selection of R-flows. It also reduces noise, with higher R-flows able to quiet many of the loudest urban disturbers.

Professional Help for Bed Bugs

Because bed bugs multiply so rapidly and can be hard to locate or treat, they require professional solutions. If you’d like more information on how to make your home more secure against pests, the weather or the noisy racket of life, call us at 888-904-8897, or contact us through our website. Serving Los Angeles and Orange County, Pest Solutions offers professional daytime bed bug solutions that will let you sleep safely and peacefully at night.

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