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It’s hard to overstate how important a Wood-Destroying Organism (WDO) inspection can be, both for homeowners and business owners. When we think of WDOs, we think mainly of termites, which are some of the most destructive pests around. A WDO inspection can look not only for signs of termites (both drywood and subterranean) but also for signs of wood-boring beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood-destroying fungi.

What the Inspector Looks For

The WDO inspection can only note damage that’s visible and accessible, so it won’t catch termites behind the walls, for example. Still, there’s a lot an inspector can look for.

Termites leave behind wings and distinctively shaped droppings, and subterranean termites are known for the mud tubes they create, which lead to their colony underground. Piles of sawdust and wood shavings could indicate carpenter ants. Round holes in unpainted or unvarnished wood are usually the work of carpenter bees. Powderpost beetles give themselves away through a powdery excrement called frass. Fungi, if not immediately seen, can still be inferred through weak wood structures.

The Benefits of a WDO Inspection

We don’t often look at the eaves or fascia on the exteriors of our homes, much less the wood framing in our attics or basements, which means that most of the wood structures that are vulnerable to WDOs are out of sight, out of mind. An inspection could show you damage that you never would have dreamed of. If it’s caught in time, you could save hundreds of dollars that would otherwise have gone to structural repairs or termiticide treatments. The inspection could also bring to light any issues, such as leaky pipes, that may have helped to invite those WDOs.

By having this inspection done, you can also have an edge when putting your home or commercial property on the real estate market. The inspection can also give you peace of mind if you’re the potential buyer. Most lending institutions will require that you get a WDO inspection done before taking out a loan. If you want to purchase a home with a VA or FHA loan, the inspection will be required.

Give Us a Call

Pest Solutions is licensed to perform WDO inspections, and being a family-owned and veteran-operated company, we’ll be detail-oriented and honest with our findings. Our report will mention any evidence of WBOs in addition to any areas that might potentially harbor them. If you have trouble deciphering the report, a team member will be glad to help you. Give us a call today to begin with this crucial inspection.

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