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Pest Control Services in Bellflower, CA

At Pest Solutions we are a full-service, veteran-operated company providing 100% satisfaction for our customers throughout Bellflower CA. Our highly trained technicians provide quality residential and commercial services. With customized pest control programs, our customers enjoy their homes knowing you we keep them pest free!

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Bed Bug Control

When bed bugs enter your home or business, they require professional treatments to guarantee their removal. These small bugs can attach themselves on luggage, clothing or other items brought into your home. Bed bugs are difficult to detect due to their size and ability to hide in furniture, air ducts and spaces as small as an outlet. We have the experience and training to locate their hiding spots. Once detected, our professional treatments including heat treatments or fumigation, will target the location of the bed bugs to remove the adult and juvenile bed bugs.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

For effective removal of bed bugs, we offer bed bug heat treatment. After we have diagnosed that bed bugs are present, our heat treatment will remove the adult, juvenile and any eggs. The entire bed bug infestation is targeted for elimination. Not only will bed bugs be removed, but all pests within a 3,000 square foot space will also be eliminated. The heat treatments are a safe and effective method for permanent bed bug removal that does not include harmful pesticides.

Termite Control

Don't let termites destroy your home! These silent pests are among the worst offenders creating damage to the wood around your home. Often their destruction isn't noticed until it's too late! Our team of technicians can evaluate your home to determine if termites are present. We use high quality products for elimination. Each property is different so we will provide a treatment based on your needs. After removal, we can assist with wood damage repair at affordable prices.

Rodent Control

Do you hear sounds of rodents scratching in your home? Are there signs of gnawed wires? Our rodent pest control services will help rid your home of these rodents and keep them out! Once we've determined what type of rodent is present, we will create a solution to remove them. We can help make your home rodent free by removing food sources that are attracting the rodents, sealing even the tiniest of openings leading inside your home and adding traps as needed. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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