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Pest Control Services in Culver City, CA

Although Culver City is part of the Los Angeles metro area, it is quieter and full of nice residential areas. Many people take pride in maintaining their lawns, gardens, and shrubs. With the favorable climate, ample water supply, and food from homes, pests are also drawn to the area. These are some common invaders in Culver City.

Termite Inspection & Treatment

Many people do not discover a termite infestation until it has worsened. One of the first signs is mud tubes along the wall. Some people notice wood that is visibly chewed, and others notice areas of walls that sound unusually hollow when they knock on them. Termites often destroy wood from the back or behind walls. They also target foundations. Many types of termites prefer damp firewood or trees, and drywood termites will eat anything from structural beams to wallpaper. Our professionals address termite infestations with a treatment that targets your entire property. We conduct follow-up visits until we are sure that the problem is gone. To prevent costly damages in the future, we also suggest a preventative treatment schedule.

Bed Bugs

These pests feed on blood. Bed bugs are known for surviving bug bombs and sprays found on home improvement store shelves. Since they have flat tiny bodies and can survive over a month without blood, you will not be able to get rid of them on your own. Signs of bed bugs usually include dirt-like excrement on your mattress or furniture, tiny blood smears on your sheets, and red itchy bumps on your skin. You can unknowingly pick up or spread these pests anywhere. Dealing with a bed bug problem involves several steps and may include multiple types of treatments. We use chemicals, fumigation, and heat treatment. Our professionals can assess your problem to suggest the right treatment combination and schedule.


The most common rodents found indoors are mice and rats. They chew through food containers to eat your food and contaminate it. Rats may carry listeria in their urine. Mice and rats leave unsanitary excrement everywhere. They may live behind the walls, in closets, or even in your furniture. Outdoor pests such as skunks, possums, and raccoons can be aggressive when approached. They are usually found near your garbage cans. Since they are known to carry rabies, never approach them. Our professionals prefer not to poison indoor rodents. We can trap and remove pests, and we inspect every crevice of your home until we are sure that all areas are safe. For outdoor rodents, we can use traps or creative ways to discourage them from occupying your property.

Any pest problem can rob you of your peace of mind. For prompt infestation removal in Culver City, call Pest Solutions. We have been battling pests for more than 15 years and use effective green pest control. This minimizes the risks to you, your family members, and your pets. Also, we want to do our part to protect our environment. For a free quote, please call us today.

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