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Pest Control Services in Hancock Park, CA

Hancock Park residents enjoy the mild Southern California climate. Trees, grass, and flowers grow easily all year with the help of sprinklers. In addition to the climate and water, the food in residential areas attracts pest. Also, some pests are attracted to humans. These are some of the most problematic pests in Hancock Park.

Bed Bug Treatments

If you have a bed bug problem, you will usually see itchy red bumps on your skin. Some people are allergic to bed bugs and develop hives. These pests often hide on furniture or mattresses, and they wait until you sleep to bite. They are attracted to exhaled carbon dioxide. If you see small smears of blood on your sheets or reddish-brown dirt, you may have bed bugs. These pests are tiny and have flat bodies that make it easy for them to hide in seams. Since they are elusive and can live over 30 days without blood, they are very resilient. Home improvement stores sell products that are ineffective for complete removal. Our professionals use a variety of treatments and follow-up visits to eradicate bed bugs. We use fumigation, heat treatment, and chemicals when necessary.


Common outdoor rodents include skunks, possums, and raccoons. They are usually near your garbage cans or under a porch. These pests can carry rabies and may try to attack when approached. Gophers and moles may appear in your yard and wreak havoc on your turf. They may also damage underground sprinkler lines. Mice and rats are more commonly seen indoors. These pests chew through containers to find nourishment and contaminate your food supply. Their droppings and urine are unsanitary and may carry several harmful diseases. We trap and remove most rodents, and we never use poison without written consent for bad indoor infestations. Also, we know ways to deter rodents from invading your property in the future.


Termite problems cost Americans billions of dollars every year in damages and removal costs. These pests are hard to detect, and some varieties, such as subterranean termites, multiply rapidly. Termites may chew anything from foundation beams and rotting tree bark to wallpaper and textiles depending on whether they are drywood or dampwood types. If you have termites, you may notice piles of wings that were shed by swarmers, visibly-chewed wood, and mud tubes along the foundation and outside walls of your home. We remove infestations with a powerful initial treatment that targets your entire property. After this, we perform several follow-up visits to ensure that the infestation is completely eradicated. Our professionals suggest a regular preventative treatment plan for the future to keep these expensive pests away.

Learn More About Termite Control

At the first sighting of any of these pests, call a professional immediately. Pest Solutions boasts more than 35 years of combined experience, and we provide prompt, effective services. Our professionals use green methods and substances to reduce environmental impact and to keep your family safer. To learn more about our pest control methods or for a free quote, please call now.

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