West Los Angeles Pest Control Services

Although Los Angeles is in a desert climate, you would never guess this when you visit West Los Angeles. Perfect landscaping and green lawns make the coveted area lush and vibrant thanks to underground sprinklers, plenty of sunshine, and a mild climate. When you add the many food sources that come with any residential area, you have the perfect recipe for multiple pest problems.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs feed on human blood. They are usually found on furniture or mattresses. You can distinguish them from beetles by their flat, tiny bodies. They are round or elongated and brown in color. The first sign of a problem is usually bites on your skin, and they are often aligned in a straight row. You may also see a dirt-like substance on your mattress from their excrement, and there may be blood smears or smashed bedbugs on the mattress. They are attracted to carbon dioxide, which people exhale when they sleep. Since bed bugs are elusive, flat, tiny, and can survive over a month without blood, they are resilient. You can easily pick them up anywhere. They typically travel on luggage or clothing. We may use heat, fumigation, or chemical treatments, and we may combine methods depending on your situation.


A termite colony can cause thousands of dollars in damages in just a matter of weeks. When the original colony becomes too large, some termites swarm and leave. They start new colonies in other parts of your home or yard. If they decide to target your foundation, the infestation will be especially expensive. Although drywood termites may enter your home by crawling through cracks and crevices, most termites enter the home through a series of mud tubes. You will usually notice these along your foundation outdoors. There may also be piles of shed wings or visibly-gnawed wood. We handle termites with an initial treatment and several follow-up visits, and we suggest a preventative treatment schedule for the future.


Southern California is home to many rodents. Rats and mice are the most common types. They can enter your home through openings about the size of a dime or larger. Both pests leave unsanitary urine and droppings on the floors. Also, they chew through food containers and contaminate your food supply. Outdoors, squirrels and gophers may become problematic. Gophers can destroy your yard and may even harm your underground sprinkler lines. Squirrels may destroy plants or younger trees in your yard. For sanitary purposes, we prefer to trap and remove rodents or use innovative methods to discourage them from choosing your property to target.

When you see any of these pests on your property or especially in your home, call a professional. At Pest Solutions, we have been providing effective and prompt solutions for over 15 years. To do our part to protect the environment, we use green pest control. If you want to learn more about our methods or receive a free quote, please call us today.